PennyLane Q# Plugin


This plugin allows Microsoft Quantum Development Toolkit devices to work with PennyLane.

The Microsoft Quantum Development Kit is an open-source library for quantum programming using the .NET Q# quantum programming language. Resulting quantum programs can be executed using built in local simulators, or via the cloud-based Azure quantum simulator.

PennyLane is a machine learning library for optimization and automatic differentiation of hybrid quantum-classical computations.


  • Provides a Microsoft QDK device to be used with PennyLane: microsoft.QuantumSimulator. This provides access to the local full state simulator.
  • All provided devices support all core qubit PennyLane operations and observables.
  • Provides custom PennyLane operations to cover additional Q# operations, including T, S, ISWAP, CCNOT, PSWAP, and many more. Every custom operation supports analytic differentiation.
  • Combine Microsoft Azure quantum simulators with PennyLane’s automatic differentiation and optimization.

To get started with the PennyLane Q# plugin, follow the installation steps.


Josh Izaac